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Project Description Owner Last Change
archer.git Repository for Project Archer. 22 hours ago
automake.git git mirror of automake cvs... 7 years ago
binutils-gdb.git gdb and binutils 60 min ago
cluster.git Cluster Project 7 years ago
cygwin-setup.git setup 5 days ago
dm.git git mirror of device-mapper... 6 years ago
dyninstfans.git mirror of 4 days ago
frysk.git frysk system monitor/debugger 5 years ago
glibc-ports.git Community source repository... 2 years ago
glibc.git GNU C Library master sources 4 hours ago
insight.git Insight, the tcl/tk front... No commits
libabigail.git The Git repository of the... 7 days ago
lvm2.git git mirror of LVM2 cvs repo 2 years ago
netresolve.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 6 months ago
newlib-cygwin.git newlib and cygwin 5 hours ago
newlib.git git mirror of newlib cvs repo 4 months ago
pcpfans.git mirror of pcp... 11 hours ago
system-config-cluster.git Cluster config. and management GUI 7 years ago
system-config-lvm.git Logical Volume Configuration GUI 7 years ago
systemtap.git systemtap: system-wide probe... 63 min ago
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