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src bfd/ChangeLog bfd/elf32-ppc.c bfd/elf64-pp ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Branch: 	binutils-2_21-branch
Changes by:	2011-03-23 15:26:20

Modified files:
	bfd            : ChangeLog elf32-ppc.c elf64-ppc.c 
	ld/testsuite   : ChangeLog 
	ld/testsuite/ld-powerpc: tlsmark.s tlsmark32.s tlsmark.d 
	                         tlsmark32.d powerpc.exp 
Added files:
	ld/testsuite/ld-powerpc: tlsopt1.d tlsopt1.s tlsopt2.d tlsopt2.s 
	                         tlsopt3.d tlsopt3.s tlsopt4.d tlsopt4.s 
	                         tlsopt1_32.d tlsopt1_32.s tlsopt2_32.d 
	                         tlsopt2_32.s tlsopt3_32.d tlsopt3_32.s 
	                         tlsopt4_32.d tlsopt4_32.s 

Log message:
	* elf32-ppc.c (ppc_elf_tls_optimize): Catch more cases where
	old-style __tls_get_addr calls without marker relocs don't match
	their arg setup insn one for one.  If such mismatches are found
	report the reloc and don't do any tls optimization.
	* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_tls_optimize): Likewise.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsmark.s: Delete non-optimizable section.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsmark32.s: Likewise.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsmark.d: Adjust to suit.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsmark32.d: Likewise.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsopt1.d, * ld-powerpc/tlsopt1.s: New.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsopt2.d, * ld-powerpc/tlsopt2.s: New.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsopt3.d, * ld-powerpc/tlsopt3.s: New.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsopt4.d, * ld-powerpc/tlsopt4.s: New.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsopt1_32.d, * ld-powerpc/tlsopt1_32.s: New.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsopt2_32.d, * ld-powerpc/tlsopt2_32.s: New.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsopt3_32.d, * ld-powerpc/tlsopt3_32.s: New.
	* ld-powerpc/tlsopt4_32.d, * ld-powerpc/tlsopt4_32.s: New.
	* ld-powerpc/powerpc.exp: Run new tests.


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