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Re: PATCH mingw32 pe Handle weak symbols (updated)

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On Sat, Jul 03, 2004 at 04:46:56AM -0500, Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:
>I'm resubmitting this patch for weak symbols under PE.  It has an
>important bug fix regarding relocations to weak symbols in the same
>section that I missed the first time around.  I have also completed the
>copyright assignment procedure so there should be no further barriers on
>that front.
>2004-07-04  Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
>	* bfd/cofflink.c (_bfd_coff_generic_relocate_section): Resolve
>	PE weak externals properly.
>	* src/gas/config/obj-coff.c (obj_coff_weak): New .weak syntax for
>	PE weak externals.
>	* binutils/doc/binutils.texi (nm): Clarify weak symbol description.
>	* gas/config/tc-i386.c (tc_gen_reloc): Use addend for weak
>	symbols in TE_PE.
>	* gas/doc/as.texinfo (Weak): Document PE weak symbols.
>	* ld/ld.texinfo (WIN32): Document PE weak symbols.

I've applied the above after splitting the ChangeLogs into their appropriate
location.  I also had to do some minor formatting tweaks to adhere to GNU
standards for indentation.



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