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RE: gas/ia64 "data in a code section" problem

On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 22:40, Belochapka, Konstantin wrote:
> Of course I agree that if anyone puts a data into code segment does this at his own risk. But my point is that an assembler also should not any restriction based on assumption of any potential problem. 
> The situation when IA64 assembler starts next bundle from an address that is not aligned on 16 bytes
> in my opinion is a bug that need to be corrected or it might be mentioned in a README file that after a data .align 16 directive is a requirement. But emitting error message would be not good solution, warning might be more appropriate.

A similar problem was reported against the PowerPC assembler a few days
ago.  See binutils bug 248.
A patch was added that generates an error for misaligned PPC

I added a patch so we get the same error for misaligned IA-64
instructions.  It is attached.  You will need the above referenced patch
for this one to work.  This should make it easier to identify places
where you need to emit an alignment directive.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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