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Re: Gas can't handle prefix generated by gcc

"Jan Beulich" <> writes:

> - and I'm feeling that, from Zack's standpoint (also referring to the
> 'ideological purity' statement in one of the earlier emails as well as
> another discussion we had in the recent past), all that is important is
> to support existing code (and practices), no matter whether they're
> broken; it is especially unimportant with this point of view whether
> this causes (whatever small) harm to those of us trying to write correct
> code

What harm does keeping this feature cause?

If it causes real harm to current users, we can reconsider.  But in
general supporting old versions of the compiler is very important.
Changing that will cause real harm to a number of people.  In the
absence of information of harm caused by the current behaviour,
keeping it seems like the obvious choice.

Of course this is not ideal.  But when making choices we must consider
who is affected and what the affect is, not simply how the tools
should work in the ideal world.


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