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[PATCH] Support evaluating the difference between two symbolsin the same section on CRX.

Hi Nick,

> Nick clifton wrote :
> There are a couple of features which I hope that you will be submitting 
> in the future:

>    * Support in GAS for evaluating the difference between two symbols 
> which are defined in the same section.  (Lack of this support is causing 

> 3 unexpected failures in the GAS testsuite).

Attached is a patch for supporting this feature (crx.patch.bz2).
I ran GAS testsuite on the change - 2 of the 3 unexpected failures now 
The third (do_930509a on all/gas.exp) should be disabled as for PA 
architecture (handled by the linker).

The patch also includes support for two new CRX instructions (popx, 
Please apply the changes, if approved.

Following are the ChangeLog entries :

The Changelog entry for the BFD subdirectory:

2004-07-27  Tomer Levi  <>

         * reloc.c: Add BFD_RELOC_CRX_SWITCH8, BFD_RELOC_CRX_SWITCH16, 
         * bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
         * elf32-crx.c: Support relocation/relaxation of 

The Changelog entry for the INCLUDE subdirectory:

2004-07-27  Tomer Levi  <>


The Changelog entry for the GAS subdirectory:

2004-07-27  Tomer Levi  <>

         * config/tc-crx.c: Support evaluating the difference between two 
         * config/tc-crx.h: Likewise.

The Changelog entry for the OPCODES subdirectory:

2004-07-27  Tomer Levi  <>

         * crx-opc.c: Add popx,pushx insns. Indent code, fix comments.

The Changelog entry for the GAS TESTSUITE subdirectory:

2004-07-27  Tomer Levi  <>

         * gas/all/gas.exp (do_930509a): Disable test for crx.

      Tomer Levi

Software Engineer                                   phone: 
CompactRISC Development Tools  fax:        +49-8141-35-11-1378
National Semiconductor GmbH
Livry-Gargan Str. 10                                internet:
82256 Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany

Attachment: crx.patch.bz2
Description: Binary data

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