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Re: [PATCH] x86 Intel syntax

On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 03:22:50PM +0200, Jan Beulich wrote:
> This is an update to the earlier posted x86 (dis)assembler Intel syntax

You'd find patches get reviewed quicker if you break them up..  Please
also add 'p' to your diff options.

> 	(intel_float_operand): Add fourth return value indicating math control
> 	operations. Make classification more precise.

I'd prefer if you left intel_float_operand as is, and moved the new
classification tests into intel_e09_1, which I believe is the only
place you use the new value.

> 	* gas/i386/prefix.[sd]: Remove illegal 'fstsw %eax' (which should
> 	actually be rejected, but currently isn't due to the way the
> 	accumulator is beaing dealt with.

Please don't.  We want to ensure gas continues to accept this insn,
since some versions of gcc emit it.

> 	* i386.h (sldx_Suf): Remove.
> 	(FP, l_FP, sl_FP, x_FP): Don't imply IgnoreSize.

This looks wrong too.  Please check that something like

 fldl %st(1)

does not use a size prefix.

>  /* Upper case letters in the instruction names here are macros.
>     'A' => print 'b' if no register operands or suffix_always is true
>     'B' => print 'b' if suffix_always is true
> +   'C' -> print 's' or 'l'

This isn't what 'C' does.  Wrong doco is worse than no doco.

>     'E' => print 'e' if 32-bit form of jcxz
>     'F' => print 'w' or 'l' depending on address size prefix (loop insns)
>     'H' => print ",pt" or ",pn" branch hint
> +   'I' => honor following macro letter even in Intel mode
> +   'J' => print 'l'

Same here.

Alan Modra
IBM OzLabs - Linux Technology Centre

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