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Re: How to make a portable toolchain?

* Rodney Smith <> on Wed, Oct 31, 2029:

> Is there a configuration option to statically link a cross-compiler? I want 
> to make my toolchains portable and not rely on the host having a particular 
> version of libc, etc, so I want to statically link the compiler executables. 
> Short of finding the linker command lines in the makefile and adding 
> "-Wl,-static", is there a configuration option?
> I still want the target to use dynamic libraries.
> -r

Use --disable-shared when configuring the cross toolchain (binutils and
gcc).  Note for gcc, the --disable-shared affects libgcc for the target, so
only use it for binutils, and specify -static as part of your LDFLAGS:

$ LDFLAGS="-static" ../configure ...

This way configure will substitute -static in every Makefile it generates.

By default libiberty and libbfd are static, so you should already be
OK, but you need the -static so that libc is linked statically.

M. R.

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