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Re: How to make a portable toolchain?

Hi Kai,

> char *dlopen() { return 0;}
> int dlclose() { return 0;}
> char *dlsym() { return 0;}
> char *dlerror() { return "dynamic linking not loaded";}
> --------------------------
clip -------------------------------------------

The 'stubs' approach of libdl could be a solution if all the 'dlxxx'
routines are NOT really referenced by applications. Otherwise the binary
will be segment fault for sure. I tried to use the stubbed libdl.a, in my
case,  I got the segment core error, not to mention the overheads of
maintaining the stubbed libdl in development.

>  The 'stubs'-approach was already mentioned here, but whether the first
> 'mixed' linking works with GNU ld is unclear. Anyway trying something
> like:
>   sparc-sun-solaris2.8-gcc -static -o my_exe
<my_objs> -lc -Bdynamic -ldl -Bstatic

The mixed linking works if I put -B everywhere with the linking options,

$binzhou>gcc -Bstatic -o my_binary <my_objs> -lc -Bdynamic -ldl -Bstatic

Unfortunately, the size of the target file created in this way is exactly
the same as the size of target created by linking everything dynamically. I
am not sure if this matters. I will get a clean machine to test the target
and see if it asks for or etc. If so, it means the
'-Bstatic' did not take effect at all.


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