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Newbie question on building cross-compiler for Vr4100 targets

Hi -

I am having trouble making a cross-compiler for the NEC vr4121 and hope 
that someone in the group will be kind enough to take the time to point out 
my error.  I am attempting to build a cross-compiler for the NEC Vr4100 
target on a Windows 2000 system and I went through the following steps with 
the result that the message
	Configuration mips64vr4100el-unknown-elf not supported
was issued.

A. Files used (all were unpacked with WinZip 8.0)
	- Installed version Cygwin DLL 1.3.3 release. Within the cygwin we have
		$ gcc -v
		Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-cygwin/2.95.3-5/specs
		gcc version 2.95.3-5 (cygwin special)
		$ ar -V
		GNU ar 2.11.92 20011001
		Copyright 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

	- Got the following files for the cross-compiler and unpacked them under 
directory c:\cross-compile:

	   so have directory structure as follows after unpacking:

B. Build of binutils
	Got into cgywin and went to c:\cross_compile\binutils-2.11.2:
		cd /cygdrive/c/cross_compile/binutils-2.11.2
		configure -target=mips64vr4100el
		make all install

	Note that "-target=mips64vr4100elf" would not work for some reason.  The 
config.sub has mips64vr4100el in it instead of mips64vr4100elf.
	The assembler and linker evidently were made since files appeared in 
 /usr/local subdirectories bin and lib under cygwin as follows:
		Administrator@TEMP /usr/local/bin
		$ ls
		mips64vr4100el-addr2line.exe  mips64vr4100el-objcopy.exe
		mips64vr4100el-ar.exe         mips64vr4100el-objdump.exe
		mips64vr4100el-as.exe         mips64vr4100el-ranlib.exe
		mips64vr4100el-c++filt.exe    mips64vr4100el-readelf.exe
		mips64vr4100el-gasp.exe       mips64vr4100el-size.exe
		mips64vr4100el-ld.exe         mips64vr4100el-strings.exe
		mips64vr4100el-nm.exe         mips64vr4100el-strip.exe
		Administrator@TEMP /usr/local/lib
		$ ls
		libbfd.a  libiberty.a  libopcodes.a

C. Attempt to build the gcc cross compiler
	Changed to the gcc-3.0.2 directory and removed the libf2c directrory
	rm -rf libf2c
then attempted to redirect newlib directrory to a directory called newlib 
under gcc-3.0.2 directory:
	ln -s newlib c:/cross_compile/newlib-1.9.0/newlib

That did not seem to work as a directory link under cygwin.
Thus, I just copied c:/cross_compile/newlib-1.9.0/newlib directory to

>From the c:/cross_compile/gcc-3.0.2 directory, I configured as follows:
	configure -target=mips64vr4100el --with-newlib 

The ending results are as follows:
	updating cache ../config.cache
	creating ./config.status
	creating Makefile
	Configuring gcc...
	loading cache ../config.cache
	checking LIBRARY_PATH variable... ok
	checking GCC_EXEC_PREFIX variable... ok
	checking host system type... i686-pc-cygwin
	checking target system type... mips64vr4100el-unknown-elf
	checking build system type... i686-pc-cygwin
	checking for gcc... (cached) gcc
	checking whether the C compiler (gcc -g -O2 ) works... yes
	checking whether the C compiler (gcc -g -O2 ) is a cross-compiler... no
	checking whether we are using GNU C... (cached) yes
	checking whether gcc accepts -g... (cached) yes
	checking whether gcc and cc understand -c and -o together... yes
	checking for long double... yes
	checking whether getopt is declared... no
	checking whether getrlimit is declared... yes
	checking whether setrlimit is declared... yes
	checking whether getrusage is declared... yes
	checking if mkdir takes one argument... no
	Configuration mips64vr4100el-unknown-elf not supported
	Configure in /cygdrive/c/cross_compile/gcc-3.0.2/gcc failed, exiting.


It appears on the surface that gcc does not support the target, 
mips64vr4100el.  However,  in we 
see that
"      What has changed in GDB?
     (Organized release by release) *** Changes in GDB-4.18:"
we have
    MIPS NEC VR4100mips64*vr4100*{,el}-*-elf*

Thus it would seem that binutils and GDB both support mips64vr4100el 
targets.  In addition, at  
the indications are that GCC does support Vr4100 targets.

Thus, I am assuming I have made some type of error and hope that someone 
can tell me what area I might look into to correct my error.  I suppose it 
is a possibility the GNUPro toolkit supports the Vr4100 targets but the 
freely available GNU tools do not. Any information on this would also be  
 appreciated.  I am also a bit confused since it seems to me that the GCC 
build would need to know where the binutils build is located.


james jenkins

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