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Re: Compiler Issue

David Korn wrote:

>   You must be using gcc under cygwin, and the source code must have PC-style
> CRLF line ends instead of unix style LF-only.

No... I am working on a linux machine. And I am getting errors for the redboot
sources downloaded from the CVS repository.

> Gcc being a Unix program, it expects to find only an LF after the '\'; any other
> text would be an error, and it doesn't know that a CR could be there.
>  To solve it, either convert the line endings in your source code, or use
> the cygwin mount command to make a textmode mountpoint for the source.  This
> second solution is usually a good deal easier :)

Since I am not using gcc under cygwin, this is not going to help me. I just want
to inform you also that I am not getting these parse errors, if  I use 'gcc'
native compiler  from the Linux 7.1 version.

Thanks and Regards

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