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Re: How to make a portable toolchain?

Hi Kai,

My application has to support both Solaris2.8 and 2.7. The way you suggested
works great on my Solaris2.8/x86, but I got following error on my

"ld: fatal: -dn and -Bdynamic incompitable."

I checked the 'specs' file, the '-dn' option is in 'link' specification

Attached are the two specs files I am using. The specs-2.8-x86 works(for gcc
on Solaris2.8/x86), but specs-2.7-sparc got above error(with gcc on

Thanks in advance for your help.

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From: "Bin Zhou" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 7:38 PM
Subject: Re: How to make a portable toolchain?

> Hi Kai,
> >  Ok, my new suggestion would however to be to add the following:
> >
> >    %{static:-Bdynamic -ldl -Bstatic} %{!static:-ldl}
> >
> > after the '-lc' in the '*lib:'-spec in the 'specs'-file (The old one
> suggested only
> > the latter part)... Then the '-ldl' will be 'wrapped' between
> and
> > '-Bstatic' on the command line for the linker.
> >
> This works. "objdump -p" shows that my target only needs the at
> running time.
> Thanks a lot.
> -Bin

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