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Re: linking application with a library

I  think you  are  static linking  thats  why.  its a  choice  if you  want
to dynamically link  the  library in which case it would  have  stubs  which
does the getprocaddress  internally at runtime  while  the actual code
resides in the dll and hence  your  executeable code  would  become small in

> Hi all,
> I am using h8300-hitachi-hms-gcc cross-complier for building my
> I have a lib mylib.a (20 kb) which I want to link with my application.
> My application gets 20 kb bigger as soon as I link it with mylib.a
> without any function being called from mylib.a.
> It seems to me that I have built mylib.a so that the whole lib is linked
> during linking process even if no one method is being called.
> Now my question is which flag should I use to build mylib.a so that only
> those functions are linked which are being called.
> If no function is called then linking mylib.a shouldn't affect the size
> of my application.
> Thanks for help.
> regards
> /Mohammad
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