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Compiling c++ code with hitachi sh-hms gcc-3.0.3 and newlib-1.10.0

Hi all,
I write this message to communicate the following supposed bug.
When I build gcc-3.0.3 with newlib-1.10.0 enabling c,c++ and targeting  to 
sh-hms, everything works good and I'm able to obtain a working compiler. But 
if I write a c++ test code and I compile this code with my sh-hms-g++ I 
obtain a code where the class constructors are not executed. So I read the 
newlib par regarding h8300 and I saw that in sh part there was no reference 
to crt1.c which is the one implementing che constructors calling mechanism. I 
wrote my own crt1.c coping it from h8300 part of newlib and I put it in my 
test project. Now everything works good. If it is NOT a bug of newlib-1.10.0, 
how I have to compile newlib to avoid this very important missing?

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards.

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