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Re: how to get a prebuilt glibc wrote:
"Xiaogeng (Shawn) Jin" wrote:

As Kai recommended in many messages in this list, a prebuilt glibc is
necessary to build a bootstrap gcc before building a complete cross
compiler. My target is powerpc-linux. Actually prebuilt glibc can be
obtained from various sources, such as SuSE, YellowDog. But the problem
is that these binary RPMs cannot be relocated. And I only have
i686/RedHat hosts.
I recommend building your own glibc.
(Kai thinks that's a waste of effort, since you can just grab a prebuilt one.
Since that's what you're doing, I'll let him answer your question :-)
Well, to my understanding, what Kai suggested is to use prebuilt glibc to build
only the bootstrap gcc. Once you get a correct bootstrap gcc, you can do whatever
want to do, for example, building new glibc and a complete gcc. Am I right?

- Shawn.

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