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cross compiler for mips under cygwin - building libraries

I'm trying to build a cross compiler for the mips processors running under
cygwin for a couple of days now. I did not succeed yet, but I'm getting
closer as I'm gathering more information. The problem I'm dealing with now
is which library I should use to compile the cross-compiler. I'm a bit
confused about which library is needed for what!
Apparently you need a library to build the cross compiler, which seems
logical. In the crossgcc faq of bill gatliff a bootstrap gcc is build in
order to build the libraries which are eventually needed to build the actual
cross compiler. What confuses me is that you build the libraries with a
cross compiler. I thought you would need a library compiled for the
i686-pc-cygwin environment to be able to build the cross compiler as it will
be running in that environment. I assume that if I build the libraries with
the bootstrap cross compiler they are actually build for the mips processor,
so how can they be used then to build a cross compiler which will be running
on the i686.
I'm using the gcc which is delivered with the cygwin environment to compile
the cross compiler, and I thought that would be also the compiler to use to
build the libraries which are needed to build the cross compiler.

Kaes Harry

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