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Re: cross compiler for mips under cygwin - building libraries

Harry Kaes wrote:
Well, I'd certainly would like to use the newlib libraries to compile the
applications for the embedded board. I fear that the glibc libraries will be
too large or too complex, but I'm certainly willing to give it a try.
If my reasoning is correct that I need libraries compiled for the
i686-pc-cygwin environment to build the cross compiler

Nope! The deciding factor is, what operating system (if any) are you using *on the embedded board*. If the answer is "none", then newlib is for you. If the answer is "linux", then either uclibc or some version of glibc is for you (and which of those depends on how much RAM your embedded system has).

I already started up the crosstool with the to see the result
(I can only check it tomorrow at work), but I fear it's not what I wanted
because I saw some messages scrolling by with the host being something with
linux-pc. I suppose I could make some changes to the sh scripts so it will
work for the cygwin environment, but I was planning to look into that later.

I'll be posting a version that builds on cygwin, the fixes were easy.

If you want to use newlib, there's a patch to crosstool that lets
it build newlib instead of glibc; the changed files are in contrib/newlib.
I haven't tried it myself, and it was done a while ago, so it
might be a bit dusty.
- Dan

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