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Re: cross compiler for mips under cygwin - building libraries

E. Weddington wrote:
Are you still lacking support for Cygwin? Or have you added it in to crosstool recently? (I've been away from crossgcc list for a few months.)

You have good timing! I just tried a build tonight, ran into the first problem, I'll post if I make progress.

Let me know if you need any assistance. I'm the maintainer of the AVR toolset on Windows: WinAVR

I'm currently working on a m68k (Coldfire) toolset for Windows. I've been using the Cygwin toolset and MinGW / MSYS as well.

Handy to know. I had no trouble with Cygwin; as it turns out, the previously posted patch to glibc to keep it from needing a case-sensitive filesystem during build sufficed, and that's now in the latest crosstool snapshot.

One of these days I'll get off my duff and incorporate
the uclibc and newlib support patches contributed earlier to crosstool,
at which point there might be a fair bit of overlap
between crosstool and the kind of releases you're doing.
Are all the gcc patches you're using in a repository somewhere
for easy access and/or contributed back to mainline yet?

(And why does avr have its own c library?  Seems a bit odd...)
- Dan

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