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Re: crossgcc for mips-redhat-linux-gnu

Chris Jones wrote:
I have a working x86 -> mipsel cross compile environment running thanks to Dan Kegel's crosstool script.

I was wondering if anyone has experience trying to cross-compile Redhat
src RPMs.

I have been trying to do the following without much luck:

rpmbuild --rebuild --target=mips-linux-gnu ./x.src.rpm

It seems that the --target flag isn't used properly when ./configure is called. Therefore we don't cross-compile.

Am I missing something from my set-up or does --target parameter in rpmbuild not actually do what I think it does?

I wouldn't be surprised if most packages needed a bit of rework in their .spec files before the --target flag worked. You may want to fix one, send a patch to the upstream maintainer, and see what they say... - Dan

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