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Re: did you find a fix for the "errlist.c count 1 vs Versions sys_errlist@GLIBC_2.3count126" problem wrote:
I am trying to build a toolchain for MPC7410 processor.  It seems like
there is no support in crosstool for this processor and i can see from
crossGNU web site that some of you were trying to include this support
in crossstool recently. Can you please provide me with the patch or let
me know what changes are required so that i can build the toolchain for
this processor?

I haven't had a reason to solve this problem myself yet, but here are a few things I just looked up about this processor under Linux.

I gather the MPC7410 is one of the processors used in the G4 Macintoshes.
The Caltech tutorial at the web site says that gcc-3.3.x
contains good support for Altivec, so you want to use gcc-3.3.3
if possible. seems to indicate
that Yellow Dog Linux supports this processor well.  Here's the source RPM
for their compiler:

I have not yet downloaded it, but I imagine that unpacking it and
looking at the .spec file and patches they use to build gcc would
be illuminating.
- Dan

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