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--enable-clocale=gnu and enabling locales in crosstool-0.25

Hi everyone,

I was looking to enable full locale support in the crosstool toolchain
build.  The idea was that these could be copied from the toolchain onto
the target image to support locales.

First, to do this I changed the configure of glibc to have
'enable-add-ons' which should enable the locales (I think 0.27 has it
this way already, see  Also I added 
make localedata/install-locales install_root=${PREFIX}/${TARGET} 
to the install section.

While doing this I noticed that glibc was configured with
'--enable-clocale=gnu', with a comment

# The --enable-clocale=gnu is recommended by LFS; see

I took a look at this, but it seems that that option should be going to
the configure of gcc, not glibc ??

My questions are:

- Has anyone built full locales with crosstool and installed them onto a
target.  Is what I'm trying to do valid ?

- Should the '--enable-clocale=gnu' be moved from the configure section
of glibc,  to the configure section of gcc ?

Thanks for any guidance,

Regards, Stuart

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