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crt0.S: How to submit updates, what else to change etc.?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm using a modified version of arm/crt0.S for my OS-less, no-debug-monitor app. I think my changes are fairly general and may be useful to others working on similar setups, so I though I might try to feed them back into the newlib sources. However, I'm not exactly sure what I need to do to fully complete the update, or how I should proceed once I have.


  1. Where do I submit newlib patches?
  2. Why is the generic start code for a CPU-type sometimes found in
     libgloss, sometimes in newlib/sys? The one I'm talking about came
     from newlib, but after my changes it may resemble some of the ones
     found in libgloss more closely.
  3. The update changes requirements to the linker scripts. Which files
     should I edit to reflect these?
  4. Anything else I ought to update to keep the setup consistent?

- Toralf

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