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Re: Crossgcc for PowerPC 85xx ( e500 ) ?

Alan J. Luse wrote:
The MPC85xx is Motorola's newest and fastest PowerQUICC III communications processor family and it does use a e500 PowerPC core that is compliant with the Book E enhanced PowerPC spec running at up to 1850 MIPS! See for more information on the MPC8560.

I have successfully built the PowerPC crosstools for the much lower speed PowerQUICC I family to run under Cygwin on Windows. I used Dan's crosstool scripts for the MPC860 with gcc-3.3.3 and glibc-2.3.2. The PowerPC gcc build does presumably know about the e500 core and any variations it may have from other PowerPC variants. I would start with Dan's MPC860 setup and adjust it from there to build for the MPC85xx.

Care to contribute an mpc85xx.dat and

Also, for anyone wanting to try building gcc/glibc with crosstool
on cygwin, be sure to use version 0.28-pre13 or later,
(it's at
and if you happen to have cygwin 1.5.9, you may need to
replace your cygwin1.dll with the one from
to get around a crash bug; alternately, you can wait
for cygwin-1.5.2 to be released.
- Dan

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