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RE: gcc ARM CPU's

Hi All,
I am facing problem in compilation I am using Ubuntu 7.0 and compiling
it for ARM.
In settings I have used glibc 2.7 and gcc 4.3.1
I think glibc is supposed to support different arm cores. It does not
seem to be a problem with glibc support. What else could it be?

Any idea?

[INFO ]  Installing static core C compiler: done in 1195.63s (at 61:34)
[INFO ]  Installing C library headers
[EXTRA]    Configuring C library
[DEBUG]    Using gcc for target:
[DEBUG]    Extra config passed : '--enable-add-ons='
[ALL  ]    checking build system type... i686-build_pc-linux-gnu
[ALL  ]    checking host system type... arm-unknown-linux-gnu
[ERROR]    checking sysdep dirs... configure: error: The arm is not
[ERROR]    Build failed in step 'Installing C library headers'
[ERROR]    Error happened in
'/opt/crosstool//lib/ct-ng-1.2.4/scripts/build/' in
function 'do_libc_headers' (line unknown, sorry)
[ERROR]          called from
'/opt/crosstool//lib/ct-ng-1.2.4/scripts/' at line # 508 in
function 'main'
[ERROR]    Look at
'/home/gkvivek/x-tools/arm-unknown-linux-gnu/build.log' for more info on
this error.
[ERROR]  (elapsed: 61:48.82)


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