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[PATCH] Missing SYS_cacheflush syscall on ARM for strace-4.5.18


I've been struggling for a while now with getting the trunk builds of
crosstoolng to produce an armbe-unknown-linux-uclibc based on the GCC
4.3.2 release.  The last hurdles, with config.sub et all missing from
mpfr seems to have been fixed now with crosstoolng providing a way of
regenerating them.  Thanks!

The last hurdle, which is also last in the build, was strace.  I thought
I'd done something wrong, because even though I tried the latest .18
it still didn't want to build against headers and the latest

what happened was that strace included asm/cachectl.h which wasn't 
availble for ARM in Linux-2.6.27.x.  Even so uClibc included a define
for SYS_cacheflush.  Looking at the kernel sources I can only conclude
that this functionality seems to be included, but is not defined in
an exported header file for ARM.

I don't know who should do what but it looks like a missing include
from the Linux tree.

However, I found a patch to workaround this issue on OpenEmbedded, it
simply patches strace/system.c but works for me.  See the attachment.


Attachment: strace-4.5.18-170-arm-uclib-0.9.30-cachectl.patch
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