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Re: Crosstool NG on Cygwin(WinXP): ARM922T, GCC 4.3.2, uClibc0.9.30


On Monday 17 November 2008 10:33:27 Vivek Kumar Gupta wrote:
> It is failing in GMP, Kindly see the log in attachment, I will be very
> happy if some body can tell where the problem is.

crosstool-NG mangles the build and host tuples so as to be sure to create
a cross compiler, even when the build and/or host and/or target machines are
of the same kind. Most notably, 3-part tuples are mangled to have a fourth
part added as the vendor string, so as to be coherent throughout the code.
Eg. i686-pc-cygwin -> i686-unknown-pc-cygwin

Unfortunately, that breaks the *-cygwin tuples, that *are* 3-part tuples, and
don't have a vendor part. config.sub does not recognise those tuples as valid
*-cygwin tuples. Sad, but true. Until I have a Windows machine, I can't deal
with that. And I have no plan on having such a beast in the foreseable future.

Still, I will gladly apply correctly argued patches that makes it possible
to build under Cygwin (or any other system by the way!). ;-)

Yann E. MORIN.

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