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Re: how to set up a 32-bit toolchain on a 64-bit distro?

On Tue, 2008-11-25 at 06:45 -0500, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   probably slightly off-topic but i figure, if anyone's going to know
> this, it's toolchain people.
>   i've downloaded a freescale coldfire toolchain from codesourcery and
> it installs and runs just fine on the 32-bit version of fedora 10
> preview on one of my 64-bit AMD-CPU laptops.  i really wanted to
> install it on the 64-bit version of that OS but, when i do and try to
> cross-compile "hello, world", the link step fails looking for
> /lib/
>   not surprisingly, that linker doesn't exist on the x86_64 distro --
> what does exist is under /lib64.  what would be the obvious solution?
> can i just install the 32-bit version of glibc on the 64-bit version
> of the OS?  i'm reluctant to just try it until someone can give me an
> opinion one way or the other.  thanks.

Hi Robert,

Try installing the 32bit compatibility libraries package.  This will let
native 64 bit and 32 bit applications run.

Regards, Stuart

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