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Re: Where's the Cross-GCC FAQ ?


On Friday 28 November 2008 23:57:28 Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> On Friday 28 November 2008 20:12:46 Dave Nadler wrote:
> > From the crosstool-NG I understood that cygwin is not supported,
> It is not supported. Which does not mean it doesn't work.

OK. I've been intrigued by the possibility to run crosstool-NG under Cygwin.
So here is what my experiments took me to:
- installed latest qemu trunk : easy and fast (about a few minutes to build
  all of qemu!)
- find back this old WinXP CD that came with my old laptop some years ago:
  easy but took time, as I since moved three times
- install WinXP : pff... Got bored after about one hour, came back three
  hours later and it was running. Sound even works!
- install Cygwin: easy and fast, except many packages have to be installed
  on-demand (I remember the old days when everything was installed by
- svn co crosstool-NG: it builds and installs OK, but it's only Makefiles
  and shell scripts being copied (as well with some sed).

Where it becomes really tricky is when dealing with actual C compiling and
building. Whereas the following works under Linux, it fails under Cygwin:
  gcc -lmylib -o foo bar.o buz.o bla.o

And it needs being written as such to work under Cygwin:
  gcc -o foo bar.o buz.o bla.o -lmylib

(notice that -lmylib has to be after .o using it?).

Then the kconfig stuff doesn't build out of the box, but that was easily
fixed by using the latest linux kernel script.

Now I have a menuconfig that builds and work. Woot! :-)

Now on for an actual build... Borked! Windows file systems are case-
insensitive, and don't allow two files whose names only differ in the case.
By default Cygwin does not use the "managed" mount option, which is supposed
to work around this issue. OK, that got fixed: my /home is now "managed".

The build has now been running for a little less than three hours now, and
it's only to the point of checking the GMP build... More than one hour to
extract the gmp + mpfr + binutils + gcc + gdb sources.

That's emulation squared. Sigh...

Hopefully, tomorrow morning when I wakr up, it may have finished. Or not.

But so far, I can only say that (with minor tweaks) crosstool-NG runs under
Cygwin. For those of you wanting to test (preferably on real hardware rather
than in an emulator), you can look at the crosstool-NG svn trunk.

Yann E. MORIN.

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