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Re: Cannot build a gcc cross-compiler

Hello all!

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On Wednesday 22 July 2009 20:24:15 booleandomain wrote:
> I have also looked at crosstools-ng, but it also fails (at configure 
> stage) because of automake.

automake is needed to build some of the components of the toolchain.
So crosstool-NG checks for it.

If you don't have it, you'll have to install it anyway, even if you do
not use crosstool-NG.

> Also, I'd like to avoid automatic scripts that do the job for me, 
> because even if they work, I would not understand and learn anything 
> about building a toolchains and cross-compilers. Instead what I probably 
> really need is good documentation, but after having extensively searched 
> the web I only found laconic or obsolete pages.

I agree with you: there really is a lack of documentation on how to
properly build cross toolchains with the GNU tools.

That's why I tried to write crosstool-NG so that is is easy to follow
what is going on.

First, run: ct-ng list-steps

This will give you the list of steps that crosstool-NG follows to build
a toolchain. Then you can look at each step's build procedure to see how
that specific component is built. crosstool-NG is written as a collection
of bash scripts, so the code is directly readable.

Eventually, you'll end up learning the build procedure for a complete
toolchain, *and* you'll have it auto-generated for you.

Yann E. MORIN.

PS. Of course, you might be able to learn as well with OSELAS.Toolchain,
    but I don't know that project, and it's much more complex as it also
    builds a complete system.

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