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Re: Did anybody build a cross-compiler for arm eabi under cygwin?


On Thursday 23 July 2009 04:05:01 loody wrote:
> I am using 1.4.1 for building mips toolchain under cygwin.

Yes, I'm doing that as well, and it works.

> But I cannot understand what the document,
>, mean
> about "the -o managed option".
> I have manned the mount instruction, but I cannot find managed option.
> Would you please explain this for me?

This is well explained in the Cygwin 1.5 FAQ:

In short: it emulates the POSIX file system semantics on a file system
that is not POSIX. The emulation is not really complete (there are
corner-cases), and comes at a price: it's slow.

Note: if you are using the 1.7 beta version of Cygwin, you don't need
managed mounts, as that is no longer supported/required for the mount
to be case-sensitive.

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