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Re: [crosstool-ng] eglibc and option-groups

Yann E. MORIN wrote:

> Nye,
> All,
> On Thursday 07 May 2009 23:18:45 Nye Liu wrote:
>> Has anybody played with eglibc's option-groups.defaults or
>> option-groups.config?
>> Any ideas how best to integrate it cleanly into ct-ng?
>> The main detail is that option-groups.config is expected to be in
>> $(objdir) ... i.e. targets/[blah]/build/*libc*/, whereas
>> options-groups.defaults is used in situ (srcdir)
> This is a config file for eglibc. Curently, it is taken as-is.
> Handling it the same way uClibc handles its config file seems
> reasonable to me.

Also, it would be nice to handle the files that needs to be provided when 
the OPTION_EGLIBC_NSSWITCH option is disabled. The two options to handle 
these file paths are OPTION_EGLIBC_NSSWITCH_CONFIG and 
OPTION_EGLIBC_NSSWITCH_FUNCTIONS, with example files provided in the nss/ 
directory in eglibc.

We can use the paths set in the toolchain config if they are set, otherwise 
use the default ones. Then copy the files in ${CT_CONFIG_DIR} and set the 
correct paths in the ${CT_CONFIG_DIR}/eglibc.config.


Arnaud Vrac

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