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ct-ng-1.8.0: problem building sstrip on MacOSX 10.6 host


I am attempting to build the sample arm-davinci-linux-gnueabi toolchain
on a MacOSX 10.6 host using ct-ng 1.8.0. I am running into a problem
during the sstrip.c compile step.

Here is the excerpt from the build.log:

[INFO ]  Installing sstrip  
[EXTRA]    Building sstrip  
[DEBUG]    ==> Executing: 'x86_64-build_apple-darwin10.4.0-gcc -Wall -o
sstrip /Users/james/workspace/toolchain/targets/src/sstrip/sstrip.c'
error: elf.h: No such file or directory
error: endian.h: No such file or directory
error: byteswap.h: No such file or directory
/Users/james/workspace/toolchain/targets/src/sstrip/sstrip.c:314: error:
expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'Elf32_Ehdr'
[ALL  ]    /Users/james/workspace/toolchain/targets/src/sstrip/sstrip.c:
In function 'readelfheaderident':
...[lots of errors about undeclared identifiers]

I am running XCode 3.2.3 with a minimal macports installation (following
the suggestions in docs/README.macos.txt from the ct-ng distribution).

The includes "elf.h", "endian.h" and "byteswap.h" are not present
under 10.6 + Xcode. Furthermore at the point that sstrip.c is being compiled
the missing includes are not yet present under TARGET/sys-root/usr/include.

When I build the arm-davinci-linux-gnueabi under linux, everything
builds fine of course, and all three of these headers end up in

It seems that either I need to:
  1) install another macport (or reference a some other header package)
  that might provide these headers for me on MacOSX 10.6
  2) some other dependency/script/action needs to install these missing
  headers in TARGET/sys-root/usr/include before sstrip.c is built

... or maybe I have fumbled something else ?


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