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Re: ct-ng -> git repos instead of single patches

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Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> * Esben Haabendal <> wrote:
> Hi,
>> But I am just as big a fan of KISS, and in this case, I cannot help
>> myself having a really bad fealing about this. The current patch file
>> approach is definitely KISS.  And I fail to see the shortcomings.
> Yes, as long as you only look at the part of acutally patching
> the sourcetree. but the patches have to be produced first, on new
> releases they maybe have to be rebased, etc, etc.
> In fact, i'm doing everything via git (and just like Linus, I dont
> do backups anymore - just syncing repos ;-o). Patches are just 
> extracted from git repos, in the few cases where I still need them
> for historical reasons.
> BTW: the whole machinery would become a lot simpler. No more 
> tarball downloading, extracting and patchting. Just a plain
> checkout. Something like:

>     mkdir -p ${package_srcdir} && \
>     cd ${package_srcdir} && \

depends what $PWD you need later, you can use these instead of "cd"
	export GIT_WORK_TREE="${package_srcdir}"
	export GIT_DIR=${GIT_WORK_TREE}/.git"

>     git init ${package_srcdir} && \
>     echo "${master_repository}/objects" > ${package_srcdir}/objects/info/alternates && \
>     git fetch "${master_repository}" +${package_ref}:_tmp && \
>     git checkout _tmp

git has FETCH_HEAD for this:

	git fetch "${master_repository}" "${package_ref}"
	git checkout FETCH_HEAD

cheers, Marc
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