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error about build toolchain with crosstool-ng-1.8.0

Dear  all:
attach  my error message I get when using crosstool-ng-1.8.0
have someone got the same problem as me before?
appreciate your help,

[ALL  ]    checking for .previous assembler directive... yes
[ALL  ]    checking for .protected and .hidden assembler directive... yes
[ALL  ]    checking whether __attribute__((visibility())) is supported... yes
[ALL  ]    checking for broken __attribute__((visibility()))... no
[ALL  ]    checking for broken __attribute__((alias()))... no
[ALL  ]    checking whether to put _rtld_local into .sdata section... yes
[ALL  ]    checking for .preinit_array/.init_array/.fini_array support... no
[ERROR]    configure: error: Need linker with .init_array/.fini_array support.
[ERROR]    Build failed in step 'Installing C library headers'
[ERROR]    Error happened in
in function 'CT_DoExecLog' (line unknown, sorry)
[ERROR]          called from
at line # 129 in function 'do_libc_headers'
[ERROR]          called from
at line # 586 in function 'main'
[ERROR]    Look at
for more info on this error.
[ERROR]  (elapsed: 20:39.71)

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