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crosstool-NG 1.13.0 is out

Hello all!

I'm pleased to announce the release of crosstool-NG 1.13.0!

As usual, there has been quite a number of improvements, new features,
and bug fixes all around. The most notable changes are listed below:

- features:
  - gdb: enable/disable use of python scripting
  - glibc/eglibc: optionally build locales
  - uClibc: NPTL now available for 0.9.32+
  - newlib: enable/disable built-in syscalls
- arch:
  - mips: add support for SDE ABI
  - powerpc: add support for EABI
- updated components:
  - linux: 3.0.x, and long term
  - gcc: Linaro versions
  - gdb: Linaro versions
  - uClibc: 0.9.32 is no longer EXPERIMENTAL
  - binutils: 2.21.53 (rather stable snapshot)
  - companion libraries: gmp
- infrastructure:
  - more autostuff compatibility in ./configure
  - some required dependencies made optional: svn, cvs, lzma...
  - add support for xz-compressed tarballs, depreacte lzma
  - static tests are done with the toolchain's host tools
  - automatically build in parallel if jobs==0
  - a bit more stuff has been parallelised where possible
- documentation:
  - update all references to point to the official website
  - usage with Xcode 4.1

This marks the beginning of the 1.13 maintenance branch, and the end of
the previous maintenance branch. As always, comments and suggestions
are most welcome!

I'll add a few personal words to this release announcement:

    This release is dedicated to my good friend, CÃdric, who passed
    away in late September 2011, after a long and stressful struggle
    against the disease.

    Do not forget your towel, CÃdric.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

The release can be found at the following URLs:

As a reminder, the home for crosstool-NG is:

Crosstool-NG also has a Freshmeat page:

Many thanks to the people who contributed to this release:

     78  Yann E. MORIN
     10  Michael Hope
      8  Beno?t TH?BAUDEAU
      7  Titus von Boxberg
      2  Esben Haabendal
      1  K?vin PETIT
      1  Kevin Cernekee
      1  Mircea Gherzan
      1  Sinseman44

Here is the per-author shortlog:

    Beno?t TH?BAUDEAU:
        [2585] libc: create an infrastructure to build and install the
               libc locales
        [2586] libc/eglibc: add support for locales
        [2587] libc/glibc: add partial support for locales
        [2588] libc: remove unneeded glibc/eglibc common functions
        [2611] cc/gcc: update Linaro GCC revisions
        [2612] debug/gdb: update GDB revisions
        [2719] cc/gcc: update Linaro GCC revisions to 2011.10
        [2720] debug/gdb: update Linaro GDB revisions to 2011.10

    Esben Haabendal:
        [2699] libc/glibc: add log messages for glibc addons dirs and symlinks
        [2721] scripts/functions: Fix CT_ExtractGit function.

    K?vin PETIT:
        [2647] libc/newlib: add a config option allowing to disable builtin

    Kevin Cernekee:
        [2689] samples: add new mipsel-sde-elf sample.

    Michael Hope:
        [2691] cc/gcc: update to the Linaro 2011.09
        [2692] debug/gdb: update to the Linaro 2011.09
        [2693] libc/glibc: spelling fixes in the menuconfig help entries
        [2694] Makefile: use phony targets
        [2695] config: add a 'auto' value for the number of parallel jobs
        [2696] binutils/binutils: added 2.21.53 snapshot
        [2697] Pass CXXFLAGS to binutils/gold.
        [2700] doc: document the description line for the commit message
        [2701] scripts: support extra host compiler flags
        [2727] scripts: fix missing space when using CT_EXTRA_FLAGS_FOR_HOST

    Mircea Gherzan:
        [2675] gcc: add support for the PowerPC EABI

        [2680] kernel/linux: use a custom kernel source directory

    Titus von Boxberg:
        [2624] complibs/libelf: use target ranlib
        [2625] configure: fix --with-prog=[...]
        [2626] configure: require libtoolize, create wrapper to it
        [2627] libc/uClibc: portability fixes to install_headers
        [2628] docs: Document usage with Xcode 4.1
        [2629] debug/gdb: correct compilation error when stpcpy is a define
        [2630] debug/ltrace: Fix HOST_OS and ar

    Yann E. MORIN:
        [2581] samples: update before release
        [2589] scripts/functions: if no upstream URL is given, silently
               ignore that
        [2590] scripts/functions: svn retrieval first tries the mirror for
        [2591] configure: do not require svn
        [2592] scripts/functions: cvs retrieval first tries the mirror for
        [2593] scripts/functions: always prefer the mirror
        [2594] scripts/functions: use array variables for URLs list
        [2595] scripts: try the mirror even if downloads are forbidden
        [2596] kerenl/linux: update to latest versions
        [2597] configure: more autostuff compatibility
        [2599] scripts/functions: remove messages about failed downloads
        [2600] libc/uClibc: force use of ctor/dtor
        [2601] samples: do not use the mirror by default
        [2602] kernel/linux: deprecate copying headers from pre-instaleld
        [2603] kernel/linux: simplify custom tarball handling
        [2604] kernel/linux: remove check for lzma tarballs
        [2605] scripts/functions: commonalise tar options in CT_EXtract
        [2606] configure: do not require lzma
        [2607] configure: add test for xz-utils
        [2608] scripts/functions: test for decompressors before use
        [2609] scripts/functions: add xz support
        [2610] kernel/linux: add latest versions
        [2613] libc/glibc: change default of "forced unwind" to 'y'
        [2614] scripts: simplify and fix the toolchain config script
        [2615] kernel/linux: fix using custom tarball
        [2616] debug/gdb: use ncurses-5.9
        [2617] debug/gdb: we don't care if the host tic is shared or static
        [2618] libc/glibc: change default of "forced unwind" to 'y'
        [2619] configure: document ignored switches
        [2620] Makefile: introduce PROG_NAME to contain the 'ct-ng' executable
        [2621] configure: handle --program-prefix
        [2622] configure: recognise and handle --program-suffix
        [2623] configure: recognise and handle --program-transform-name
        [2631] configure: use def_bool for available features
        [2644] configure: fix typo in xz-utils warning message
        [2645] configure: check for lzma
        [2646] configure: xz-utils alone can also handle LZMA-compressed
        [2648] kernel/linux: bump versions
        [2649] kernel/linux: fix typoes
        [2650] kconfig: print version in .config
        [2651] complibs/gmp: bump version
        [2652] kernel/linux: fix typo
        [2653] scripts: fix sysroot prefix dir
        [2654] debug/gdb: update the version strings
        [2660] scripts/functions: only use one download program
        [2661] scripts/functions: only use passive FTP
        [2662] debug/gdb: rename patch directories
        [2663] binutils/binutils: fixup version strings
        [2664] binutils/binutils: fixup version strings
        [2665] binutils/binutils: add latest version
        [2666] libc/uClibc: enable NPTL choice for uClibc >= 0.9.32
        [2667] libc/uClibc: workaround for a MIPS TLS issue
        [2668] samples: update that mips sample
        [2669] libc/uClibc: add patch to fix fork in threads with ARM EABI
        [2670] cc/gcc: propagate 4.3.5 patchset to 4.3.6
        [2671] cc/gcc: propagate 4.5.2 patchset to 4.5.3
        [2672] cc/gcc: libgcc_eh.a may be required, even from the stage-1
        [2673] samples: update this ARM sample.
        [2674] docs/known-issues: add the infamous "mixed implicit and
               normal rules"
        [2676] cc/gcc: speed up the build a little bit
        [2677] kernel/linux: add alternate download locations
        [2690] kernel/linux: prepare for 3.1 and above
        [2698] scripts: update config.{guess,sub}
        [2702] binutils/binutils: ensure gold is staticaly-linked if needed
        [2703] debug/gdb: new option to enable/disable use of python
        [2704] complibs/cloog: catch's output
        [2705] config: simplify setting CONFIG_SHELL, add a bit to the
               help entry
        [2706] libc/glibc: run ./configure in CONFIG_SHELL
        [2707] scripts: execute each steps in a subshell
        [2715] docs: add dedication file
        [2716] config: use '0' for automatic number of jobs
        [2717] scripts: check host features with host compiler
        [2718] configure: don't check for host system
        [2722] scripts: do not force locale when sorting samples
        [2723] arch/powerpc: fix tuple for uClibc
        [2724] samples: update to latest set of options
        [2725] misc: change references to point to the new website
        [2726] samples: set vendor string in all samples

The short diffstat follows:

    Total                     8472(+/-)
    samples/                  53.9%
    patches/                  28.6%
    scripts/build/libc/        2.0%
    config/global/             1.3%
    config/kernel/             1.2%
    scripts/build/kernel/      1.1%
    Others                    11.7%

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