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New version of the Cygwin setup.exe program released

I have updated the Cygwin setup utility to version 2.510.2.1.  This release
contains a number of bugfixes and additional features, which are summarized

The setup.exe file can be downloaded from <> or by
clicking on "Install Cygwin Now" on the main page.

If you encounter problems using setup.exe, please report your experience to the
cygwin-apps mailing list, cygwin-apps <at>  Please note that this
list is to be used *only* for problem reports related to the setup.exe program
itself.  Use the main Cygwin mailing list (cygwin <at> for all
issues relating to using/configuring Cygwin or Cygwin packages.  See
<> for information about the various Cygwin
mailing lists.

Changes in setup.exe version 2.510.2.1:

 - Retrieve exit status of preremove/postinstall scripts.  Log abnormal exits.

 - Use /bin/bash rather than /bin/sh when running preremove/postinstall scripts
   to facilitate upgrading /bin/sh.

 - Remove support for undocumented and dangerous postremove scripts.

 - Add new "Size" column to package chooser.

 - Perform explicit dependency checking when the user finishes with the
   package selection step, and if any missing dependencies are found prompt
   to resolve the conflicts.

 - Checkbox option to hide packages in category ZZZRemovedPackages or any
   category that begins with '_'.  (Note: ZZZRemovedPackages has now been
   renamed to _obsolete on the mirrors.)  Packages in these categories are
   either empty placeholder packages that have been renamed/removed, or are
   infrastructure packages like 'update-info-dir' and are not generally useful
   to the end user.

 - Support mouse wheel scrolling in the package chooser.

 - Use graphical "+" and "-" symbols in category mode of the package chooser.

 - Improve painting method for the package chooser to improve redraw speed and
   prevent sluggish scrolling.

 - Fix unpacking of hardlinks in source packages.

 - Change ordering of uninstall actions so that all preremove scripts are
   executed prior to deleting files.  Fixes problem with "cannot find DLL"
   popup error messages during preremove scripts when lots of packages are
   upgraded at once.

 - Remove the --no-md5 (-5) command line option - the cache is now never
   fully MD5-ed, as to do so takes far too long, and packages will be checked
   before installation anyway.

 - Make the MD5 checks immediately prior to installing packages actually
   display notification in the GUI.

 - Add support for tooltips that appear when the mouse pointer hovers
   over controls.

 - Add text to dialogs recommending Binary mode and "All users".  Add clickable
   hyperlinks to the appropriate sections of the online Users Guide.

 - Fix some dialog elements that were not resized properly when the window was

 - Include manifest, resulting in support for XP themes.

 - Remember proxy port setting.

 - Fix dependency calculation bug when switching between Curr/Prev/Exp radio

 - Fix crash on encountering a postinstall script with a name of 4
   characters or less.

 - Display only valid URL schemes in the mirrors list.


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