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[1.7] Updated: cygwin-1.7.0-52

Hi folks,

I just uploaded a new Cygwin 1.7 test release, 1.7.0-52.

As it turns out, there are still two problems to fix(*) and our vacation
schedule is so that we won't get to fix both of them in time *and*
release 1.7.1 next week.

So, here's 1.7.0-52, which is yet again supposed to be the last test
release.  Which is to say, there will be definitely not more than one
more test release.  I mean it.

You know the drill by now, see the older test release announcements

Btw., the User's Guide is also available as PDF now:

What's new in contrast to 1.7.0-51

- Implement waitpid(2) WCONTINUED option.

- Support MVFS (Rational ClearCase) filesystem.

- unlink(2) now never tries to remove files on remote drives (except on
  NFS) which are opened by another process.  Rather, it returns EBUSY,
  in line with POSIX.

- mount(1) now prints the Windows filesystem name rather than just
  "unknown" for filesystems not explicitely handled by Cygwin.  For
  developers:  That's getmntent(3) for you.

- Support filesystems returning STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED instead of

- A couple of performance tweaks when accessing files.

- Notice absence of the Windows character set translation tables for
  eucJP, eucKR, SJIS, GBK, and Big5 on Windows versions up to Windows XP
  and, if so, refuse to switch to these charsets in calls to setlocale.
  Why only for these?  Because they are the only charsets which require
  OS support.

- strace(1) now writes debug output with UNIX LF lineendings, rather
  than with DOS CR/LF.

- mount(1) now supports the -a option as well as a single POSIX filename
  as parameter to allow mounting filesystems from a just changed fstab
  file in the current session.


- Return correct si_addr value in siginfo_t when calling signal handler.

- Fix typo (noexec -> notexec) in mount(1) and getmntent(3).

- Fix close-on-exec bug in flock(2).

- Return correct value in calls to dup2 (x, y) with x == y.

- Fix fork() not to run out of thread-local buffers if a process forks

- Fix a problem in exception handling which made it unreliable on
  Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

- Don't report unavailable servers in network path existence check.

- Avoid to alloc excess buffer space on stack when accessing network

- Fix debug output in chdir().

(*) What's still to fix?

- A problem in the destructor call order on process exit

- A FIFO regression


- Q: How do I know that I'm running Cygwin 1.7.0-52?

  A: The `uname -v' command prints "2009-07-24 09:59"

Have fun,


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