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Updated: mintty-1.1.1-1

mintty 1.1.1-1 is on its way to the Cygwin mirrors. This is a feature release.

- Turned up brightness of ANSI bold blue by a couple of notches.
- Allow colours in settings to be specified in X-style hexadecimal
formats such as #RRGGBB or rgb:RR/GG/BB (rather than just comma-
separated decimal).
- Re-rendered the program icon in true colour rather than 256 colours,
with proper alpha channel.
- Fixed a bug where the background erase colour wasn't being updated
when a saved cursor was restored, which caused problems with custom
vim colour schemes.

- Implemented xterm's private mode 1006 for encoding mouse events,
which unlike the other three existing encodings includes the button
number in button release events.
- Fixed off-by-one error in encoding of mouse coordinates in urxvt's
private mode 1015.
- Tweaked mouse handling to make it easier to select a single
- When the right click action is set to extend the selection, a left
click with Shift pressed now pastes the clipboard instead of extending
the selection, as in rxvt.

- Improved handling of VK_PACKET messages, which tools like AutoHotKey
or AllChars use to send characters, so as to accept characters outside
the system's ANSI codepage.
- Tweaked RTF clipboard output to make it work in Lotus Notes.
- Fixed some xterm incompatibilities regarding saved cursors and the
alternate screen: origin and autowrap mode should be saved with the
cursor, and the alternate screen shouldn't have its own cursor, scroll
margins or insert mode.

- Log output can now be sent to standard output by specifying a dash
instead of a filename.
- Fixed rough display of some bold fonts, e.g. Consolas.
- Stopped selection from moving when the active screen is scrolling
while looking at the other screen (via the Flip Screen command).

- Added manifest spell to keep the Program Compatibility Assistant
- Changed compiler options to build for i686 rather i586, and optimise
for speed rather than size.
- Mintty now is built using gcc 4.5 rather than 3.4, and tuned for the
Atom processor (because Atom's in-order architecture should have most
to gain from this).

Previous changes can be found at

Mintty is a terminal emulator for Cygwin with a native Windows user
interface and minimalist design. Among its features are Unicode
support and a graphical options dialog. Its terminal emulation is
largely compatible with xterm, but it does not require an X server.

The mintty manual is installed as a manpage ('man mintty'). It is also
available at

Questions and comments can be sent to the mintty discussion group at or the Cygwin mailing

Please use the issue tracker at
to report bugs or suggest enhancements.


To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin" link on the web page. This downloads setup.exe to your system.
Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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