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Updated: aspell-de-20030222.1-3: Aspell german dictionary

Updated: aspell-en-7.1.0-2: Aspell english dictionary

Updated: aspell-pl-6.0_20061121.0-3: Aspell polish dictionary

Updated: aspell-sv-0.51.0-2: Aspell swedish dictionary

Updated: astyle-2.03-1

Updated: balance-3.54-2: TCP load-balancing proxy server

Updated: cadaver-0.23.3-2: Command-line WebDAV client

Updated: cloog-ppl-0.15.11-1 (test)

Updated: cppi-1.18-1

Updated: csih-0.9.7-1

Updated: cygport-0.12.0-1

Updated: cygutils-1.4.12-1

Updated: Cygwin 1.7.18

Updated: diffstat-1.57-1

Updated: enscript-1.6.4-4: A free replacement for the Adobe's enscript program

Updated: expat-2.1.0-2

Updated: experimental package: gcc4-4.7.2-2

Updated: gdb-7.6.50-1

Updated: gmp-5.1.1-1 (test)

Updated: gnuplot-4.6.3-1: A command-line driven interactive function plotting utility

Updated: GraphicsMagick-1.3.18-1

Updated: httperf-0.9.0-2: A tool for measuring web server performance

Updated: ImageMagick-

Updated: mc-

Updated: mingw64-*-headers-3.0b_svn5747-1, mingw64-*-runtime-3.0b_svn5747-1

Updated: mintty-1.1.3-1

Updated: mpclib-1.0.1-2 (test)

Updated: mpfr-3.1.2-1 (test)

Updated: multitail-5.2.12-1: View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows

Updated: openmpi-1.7.1-1

Updated: postgresql-9.2.4-1

Updated: ppl-0.11.2-1 (test)

Updated: rcs-5.8.2-1: The Revision Control System

Updated: sqlite3-

Updated: subversion-1.7.9-1

Updated: sysvinit-2.86-11: A System-V Init Clone

Updated: texi2html-1.82-11: A highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator

Updated: tzcode-2013c-1: The time zone package

Updated: w32api-headers and w32api-runtime 3.0b_svn5747-1

Updated: WordNet-3.0-3: A lexical database for the English language

Updated: {aalib/libaa1/aalib-devel}-1.4rc5-11: An ascii art library

Updated: {aspell/libaspell15/libaspell-devel}- A spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell

Updated: {autotrace/libautotrace3/libautotrace-devel}-0.31.1-12: A program for converting bitmap to vector graphics

Updated: {compface/libcompface0/libcompface-devel}-1.5.2-12: 48x48x1 image compression and decompression

Updated: {gnutls/libgnutls28/gnutls-devel/gnutls-doc/gnutls-guile}-3.1.10-1: Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols

Updated: {jbigkit/libjbig2/libjbig-devel}-2.0-12

Updated: {libEMF/libEMF1/libEMF-devel}-1.0.7-1: A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles

Updated: {libfpx/libfpx1/libfpx-devel}- FlashPIX image library

Updated: {libsmi/libsmi2/libsmi-devel}-0.4.8-3: A library that allows management applications to access SMI MIB module definitions

Updated: {libtasn1/libtasn1_6/libtasn1-devel}-3.3-1: Tiny ASN.1 library

Updated: {man/manlint}-1.6g-2: Man, apropos and whatis commands

Updated: {neon/libneon27/libneon-devel}-0.29.6-3: HTTP and WebDAV library

Updated: {nettle/libnettle4/libhogweed2/libnettle-devel}-2.6-1: A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context

Updated: {opencdk/libopencdk10/libopencdk-devel}-0.6.6-11: Open Crypto Development Kit

Updated: {openldap/libopenldap2_4_2/openldap-devel}-2.4.35-1: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol suite

Updated: {pstoedit/libpstoedit0/pstoedit-devel}-3.61-1: A tool converting PostScript and PDF files into various vector graphic formats

Updated: {t1lib/t1lib-x11/t1lib5/t1libx5/t1lib-devel/t1libx-devel}-5.1.2-12: Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts

Updated: {tiff/libtiff5/libtiff-devel/tiff-doc/tiff-opengl}-3.9.7-1

Updated: {uw-imap/uw-imap-imapd/uw-imap-util/c-client}-2007f-1: UW IMAP Toolkit

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