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Re[3]: Midnight Command 4.5.55 on Cygwin

Hi Pavel and Jim,

I  don't  see  why  port  FAR to Cygwin since you can just run it from
Windows  and  use  to browse Cygwin's directories etc. The only things
you  could  want  from  FAR  related  to Cygwin could be view Cygwin's
processes  or  Cygwin's  directory tree using Cygwin's mount table and
shortcuts  as  symlinks.  For  these  purposes,  you can just create a
special  FAR  plug-in.  You  can contact Rarsoft regarding FAR plug-in

PT> I know FAR, but:
PT> 1. It's shareware and includes no source code
PT> 2.  If  you  check  the  link  you  posted you'd see that its last
PT> version  was  released  on  17  Dec  2000...  It  seems the author
PT> abandoned the project

If  you  mean  FAR, you're not right. FAR lives! The latest version is
1.70  beta  4  and  dated  2002.  17  Dec 2000 was 1.70 beta 1. FAR is
updated  so  slowly  just  because it's almost perfect. It does almost
everything  you  may  want from file manager and practically don't has
any bugs (unlike Midnight :)).

J>> Subject: Midnight Command 4.5.55 on Cygwin
J>> Ya  know...  Midnight  commander's  good  and  all - but FAR which
J>> appears   to   have   had   a   common  anscestor  has  much  more
J>> functionatlity,  kinda  wish  someone could port FAR back to linux
J>> for all the various plugins, the process list works great, etc etc
J>> ( )...
PT> We are talking about cygwin here not linux :)

I'd  like  to  see  FAR  ported  to  Linux too. But it's unlikely that
Rarsoft  will  open sources (anyway, FAR is good even as shareware) or
make a Linux port.

Yours faithfully,
ICQ: 110345832

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