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'release' directory now active

As previously discussed, I've set up a new pub/cygwin/release directory
on sourceware which merges all of the contrib/latest stuff into one

I did this by recreating all of the directories in latest/contrib under
release and then symlinking files into the directories.  This was to
eliminate the burden on mirrors.  I'll be slowly moving files over from
the old hierarchy in the coming days.

Somehow, in the process, I actually deleted some files from the
distribution.  I have *no* idea how I did that but I did manage to
recover them, I think.

The files were all in subdirectories (which is probably a clue but I
still don't get it).  The affected subdirectories were readline/*,
texmf/*, libpng/* .  I did recover the correct(?) files from the mirror, which seemed to have contacted sourceware earlier
today.  So, in theory everything is fine now.

However, maintainers of these packages, please check to see that I got
this right.  I'm very sorry that I have to ask you to do this.  I wish I
knew exactly how I screwed up, but perusal of my command history didn't
provide any inspiration.  If I had thought that I'd be doing anything
that would have resulted in data loss I would have run a backup first.
Oh well.

Another mistake that I made was not to use relative symlinks at first. reflects this goof right now.  Hopefully, it will
self-correct soon.

I have moved some packages from the old latest and contrib area to
release, so some package files in 'release' are actual files, not
symlinks to files in latest or contrib.

In retrospect, I probably should have waited until the release area was
propagated to a bunch of mirrors before moving things over, but what
the heck.  I love getting email...

In the meantime get ready for lots of consternation from compulsive
setup.exe runners.


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