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Re: strange source packaging?

On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 04:31:04PM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>As I recall, the your final word on the matter -- before the thread 
>degenerated into yet another "We need an 'install all' option in setup" 
>discussion -- was (more or less) "whatever.  All these proposals sound 
>fine.  As long as it makes sense to the maintainer himself":

Wow.  Insightful email.

>Since last November, ALL of my packages, and most of Robert's and a few 
>others, have been like this:
>  foo-VER-REL-src.tar.bz2 contains
>    foo-VER.tar.[gz|bz2] -- whatever the upstream folks distribute
>    foo-VER-REL.patch
>  and that's it.  I'm even a mildly annoyed when Corinna insists that 
>(oldstyle) -src packages MUST unpack into foo-VER-REL/ instead of 
>foo-VER/ since MY packages -- as agreed last November -- contain the 
>pristine upstream sources.  And the upstream maintainers know *nothing* 
>about our release numbers.

Well, I guess I haven't been paying much attention to your and Robert's
packages.  I'd forgotten that I'd suggested that we package as we see fit
and foolishly looked to what I supposed was the final word on the subject.

I'll just leave the documentation as is so we can have this truly delightful
conversation again in a couple of months.

>If "gzip -dc foo.tar.gz | bzip2 > foo.tar.bz2" is a marginal "is it 
>'pristine' or not" case, then
>  tar xvzf foo-VER.tar.gz
>  mv foo-VER foo-VER-REL
>  tar cvjf foo-VER???.tar.bz2(*)  foo-VER-REL/
>  tar cvjf foo-VER-REL-src.tar.bz2 foo-VER???.tar.bz2 foo-VER-REL.patch 
>(*)foo-VER???.tar.bz2 is definitely NOT the pristine source.  Its 
>internal dirname has changed, as well as the tarball name, and 
>compression type.  And what the hell do I call it?
>I can't name it 'foo-VER-REL.tar.bz2' because that's the name of the 
>binary package.
>I can't call it 'foo-VER.tar.bz2' because then I'll have multiple versions:
>  the 'original' upstream one -- unpacks into foo-VER/
>  two or three somewhat modified ones, depending on how many releases I 
>create:  -1's foo-VER.tar.bz2 unpacks into foo-VER-1/, -2's 
>foo-VER.tar.bz2 unpacks into foo-VER-2, etc.  But, each contains exactly 
>the same code.
>I can't call it 'foo-VER-REL-src.tar.bz2' because that's the name of my 
>larger -src tarball, which contains the "pristine"(hah!) tarball + 
>.patch and .sh.
>So I leave it foo-VER.tar.[bz2|gz], leave it so that it unpacks into 
>foo-VER, just like the upstream folks made it in the first place.

Yeah, yeah.  I don't need another 183 line justification message,
thanks.  I've got it.

The wget packaging is just peachy.


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