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Re: extra apache shared module DLLs

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Well, you can run an mod_ssl-modified apache without having the mod_ssl
> stuff "on".  (e.g. the .conf file doesn't load_module it).  I'd assume that
> the same is true for mod_snmp.  So, I'd distribute the core apache package
> with those modifications -- but without the modules (mod_ssl.dll)
> themselves, and with the corresponding load_module statements commented out
> of the .conf.

yep, but you still have a patched core. In case of mod_ssl, Ralf is
adding the EAPI structures to the core. Even if you don't use the
mod_ssl module, the core is still modified, so this can not be
considered as an "official" port. 

> Then, the user could install the mod_ssl package, which would install the
> module .dll and related stuff, have a postinstall script to generate some
> dummy, self-signed server keys, and create an includable ssl-conf file.
> It would still be up to the user to add "include mod_ssl.conf" and uncomment
> the load_module statement in the main apache conf file.
> Similar for mod_snmp.

hmmm, yeah, that should be a practible way I guess.

> Now, MOST modules don't require intrusive changes to the core apache.  So
> most mod_ packages don't need this special treatment.  BUT, of those modules
> that DO require it, which ones should you, Stipe, include pre-modified in
> the main apache package?

yep, I know. But mod_ssl is definitly one of the most important
modules, so that's why I raised the question.

> The ones you as maintainer FEEL like including.  I gather that means mod_ssl
> and mod_snmp, right now. :-)

yep, those should go in, even while mod_snmp is yet not compiling on
Cygwin and I'm having this on my TODO list.

We may gather a module list that may be suiteable for Cygwin from
other Linux distros like RedHat, SuSE, etc?!

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