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Re: setup and bison

On Sat, 1 Mar 2003 gmilner at csw dot L-3com dot com wrote:

> Just in case this is helpful information to anyone.
> I just (2003/03/01) downloaded and installed everything from the latest
> cygwin using setup.exe
> on a "cygwin clean" fully patched NT4.0 machine.
> I then downloaded  the cvs source for setup.exe.
> Of course I re-read the mostly up-to-date instructions from:
> "";
> "";
> "";
> $ mkdir build
> $ cd build
> $ ../setup-cvs/configure -C --enable-dependencies --disable-shared
> --host=i686-pc-mingw32 --build=i686-pc-cygwin  --enable-maintainer-mode
> $ make
> make failed: complaining about label yyerrlab1 being defined but not used in
> I used setup.exe to replace bison-1.875 with the older bison-1.75.
> Cleaned up the build directory and rebuild with bison being the only thing
> changed.
> George
> (Virtual Janitor / Network Proctologist)
> PS Apologies for not having the expertise and/or time to find the exact
> problem.

FYI, this has been fixed in bison-1.875a.  Also FYI, as a minimal
temporary fix, edit, insert "goto yyerrlab1" before the label,
and remove the "__attribute__" line.
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