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Re: [PATCH] Sometimes, You Just Need A Bigger Chooser

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
> Ok, here we go.  This patch allows each page of the sheet to be a
> different size, as specified in the dialog template.  The sheet is
> resized to "fit around" the page, as opposed to the normal behavior
> that all pages end up the same size as the biggest page.  The
> "Next"/"Back"/etc buttons and the lower separator will be moved to
> the appropriate positions.  It does not allow user-resizing, though
> the foundations of such functionality have now been laid.
> A word of caution however.  I urge us to use particular restraint
> with this powerful new functionality.  There is no reason for every
> page to have a different size, or indeed for any of the other pages
> to vary from their MS-recommended sizes.  The Chooser page is a
> special-case for which no other solution seemed to present itself.
> Two known minor issues:
> - The lower separator actually ends up going to the left edge of the
> sheet. This is because the controls are only moved, not resized.
> It's not very noticable, but should be fixed before a release.
> - The first time the "splash" page is displayed, it has an enabled
> "Back" button, which it shouldn't, it should be disabled.  It does
> nothing if you press it, but again, something that should be fixed
> before release.

I've just been testing this, and I've found setup hangs when 'Finish' is
clicked. It then unhangs and continues when the window focus is moved to
another application. Gary, do you see this too?


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