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Re: [PATCH] Postinstall script ordering in setup

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 01:58, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> Rob,
> Thanks for the review.  Comments below...

> > This does too much. When a method does more than one thing... split it
> > up.
> This does it by calling 3 functions.  It's a 7-line function. :-D
> I guess my eagerness to make the changelog detailed enough got the best of
> me.


> > I suspect at this point we may want a class to handle this - to extract,
> > remember and sort dependencies.
> There is a class that contains the dependences (FileDesc).  I could put
> this function in that class (as static, though, so doesn't change much).

It makes the ownership of the function more clear, and gives it access
to any privates of the class without needing a friendship. 

> > This should be in a class, IMO.
> > Rob
> I've forgotten a lot of C++ in the recent years.  In Java, I would have
> made this a private method.  How expensive are non-virtual private
> functions in C++?  If same as regular functions, I'll put it in the class
> (along with processFile).

non-virtual privates are == regular extern functions. I.e. they will
inline within the same compilation unit.


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