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Re: [PATCH] Re: proxy setup help

Robert Collins wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 02:24, Max Bowsher wrote:
>> vijay kiran kamuju wrote:
>>> i am trying to setup cygwin. i am behind a firewall n it also
>>> uses
>>> a proxy server. my proxy server id has no password, and i dont
>>> have the permission to change it. the setup program asks me to
>>> enter the proxy server id n its passwd, it does not take a null
>>> passwd.
>>> plz hlp me.
>> This is a bug in setup. I'm submitting a patch to fix it.
>> Robert: Can we fast-track this patch, and a subsequent snapshot,
>> since it's stopping someone installing Cygwin at all?
> Of course we can fast track it. You've taken the hard route to solving
> it though.
> in (hand crafted :}):
> static void
> save_dialog (HWND h)
> {
>   *user = eget (h, IDC_NET_USER, *user);
>   *passwd = eget (h, IDC_NET_PASSWD, *passwd);
> +  if (! *passwd) {
> +    *passwd = new char[1];
> +    char[0] = '\0';
> +  }
> }
> Should do it.

Except it doesn't work - the OK button is still disabled.

Would you like me to also remove the check on *passwd here:
static void
check_if_enable_ok (HWND h)
  int e = 0;
  if (*user && *passwd)
    e = 1;
  EnableWindow (GetDlgItem (h, IDOK), e);

or, would you prefer my invasive-but-less-kludgy patch.


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