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Re: when is next release of setup.exe

On 8 Mar 2003, vijay kiran kamuju wrote:

> hi,
> when is it going to be the next release of the the setup.exe with
> all the CURRENT PATCHES, i need it asap. as for downloading the
> source frm cvs, i dont have vc++, r a cvs client installed at my
> office. so when r u releasing the new version of setup.exe
> bye,
> vijay kamuju


Cygwin setup compiles fine with Cygwin gcc.  You can also use the Cygwin
cvs client.  Both are available as packages from the Cygwin mirrors.  If
you already have Cygwin installed on some machine, the above is the
recommended way...
P.S. I realize that you may not be able to install Cygwin without the new
setup.  If this is the case, I apologize.
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