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Re: when is next release of setup.exe

linda w (cyg) wrote:
>> The problem is, way back then when was release, gcc3
>> didn't exist yet. The setup code from then didn't comply strictly
>> enough to C++ standards
> ===
> Heresy!! Not compliant with could they?!  I'm
> ashamed to be hobnobbin' with such types...ignoring standards...fooey!
> :-| (*str8-face*)
>> Probably the easiest option is to abandon, and grab
>> the latest
>> source from CVS.
> Sigh...mumble, grumble...seems like every product I work with I'm
> always redirected to the CVS tree....:-) (just got directed there,
> yesterday,
> when I wanted some XFS-inode analysis script)...
> Little solace in having the source if the tools to generate one's
> binary
> from said source aren't around anymore...:-{
> I'll have to see if I'm interested enough in doing this to setup
> CVS...

More fun stuff... bison-1.875 is broken. See my reply to Brian Keener
earlier today:

After that:

cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs at sources dot redhat dot com:/cvs/cygwin-apps co setup
cd setup/libgetopt++
cd ..
mkdir .obj
cd .obj
../configure -C --enable-dependencies --disable-shared \
--host=i686-pc-mingw32 --build=i686-pc-cygwin 'CC=gcc -mno-cygwin' \
'CXX=g++ -mno-cygwin' --enable-maintainer-mode

In case you are wondering, the configure line is from the setup homepage:


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