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Re: [setup TODO] Proposed reshuffle of items

> On Sun, 2003-03-09 at 13:58, Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Here is the contents of the setup TODO, and some comments on how I
>> think the items should be dealt with.

Robert Collins wrote:
> (condensed) ACK to some items.

Done all ACKs.

> (condensed) No, still a TODO. (to many items)

OK. Perhaps we need TODO-NOW (for the next release) and TODO-LATER sections?

>>  * Don't downgrade if the curr version is <= installed?
>> I vote yes.
> It's up for debate. I've done my dash on that.

Is there a discussion in the archives that I should be reading?
Unfortualtely, I can't think of any search terms for that.

>>  * Remove *empty* directories on uninstalls
>>  * Correctly overwrite -r--r--r-- files.
> These two need to be reviewed - I think we do them already.

Leaving TODO, appending "(done?)"

>>  * Sometimes packages set to 'Keep' appear in the 'Partial' view.
>> I(Max) have seen this myself from time to time, but can't
>> duplicate it on demand. Can anyone?
>>  * Setup not properly realizing that versions are unavailable,
>> leading to "Cannot open (null) for reading".
> Are they both fixed, or just the second?

All evidence I gathered pointed to them both being manifestations of the
same bug.


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